Publicist.  Writer.  Media Relations.

based in Calgary

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My name is Tiffany Burns and I am addicted to communications. My passion for word-smithing has powered all the twists and turns of my career, from my start as a columnist for Vancouver Magazine, to becoming a broadcast news journalist for CBS, ABC, CityTV and CBC, to my current role as a creative consultant for fantastic clients, based in Calgary.

As an award-winning documentary filmmaker, I love getting the word out on new films. Cut to my work as a film publicist.

I’ve also developed several television shows, and written many a script. I've worked as a copywriter for an advertising agency (hint: the one that belongs to a member of the Dragons’ Den). Along the way, my articles have been published in the Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald, You Inc, Calgary Polo Style, Business in Calgary and Avenue Magazine, to name a few. I also specialize in those delicate PR moments which can make or break a reputation.

My varied, vast experience all leads to this moment:  when I can help you and your business. Feeling a connection?