Named “Best Adventure Travel Website” by Forbes Magazine for seven straight years, iExplore is the first stop for more than a million travelers each month. I wrote a series about Alberta in the popular "top ten" format, keeping information in bite-sized web chunks while anchoring them to an attention-grabbing image. Check out all ten.

Writing for Web



AirSprint, a private aviation company, wanted a monthly seat-back newsletter for their passengers. I edited their provided copy and included an original aviation fun feature. Who knew WW2 flying ace Wop May was from Alberta? Not me, until I researched local aviation history, pitched the topic and wrote the story.


Voice is a key way to convey your business style to your customers. Are you friendly or formal? Dreamy or straight to the point? Travel Alberta has specific voice that permeates all their advertising. It’s such an important part of their outreach, they have a style guide on it for writers they hire. Consistency keeps them on brand. Try to resist booking the train trip through the Rockies when you read the entire ad.


A wide-ranging portfolio.

Take a gander! This selection of completed projects are the tip of the idea iceberg, in terms of the content WORDstudio can create for your business. Please click on the other items in the Portfolio menu to see published news articles, corporate profiles, PR strategy, content marketing, sports coverage and magazine stories. If you'd like to see more, let's connect.​

Need a script for a radio or TV commercial? Want to make a mini-documentary or shoot a corporate video? As a former TV reporter, I've written about a zillion scripts for television. As a documentary filmmaker, I've written a feature script, plus all the shorter promotional materials. And speaking of promo, I've done commercials as well. Like this Snow Report sponsored by Travel Alberta, featured on the news in LA and San Diego.

Blogs are a wonderful tool for businesses to offer expert advice while drawing attention to their services. They gain traffic with SEO topics and google searches, driving customers to their site. My own blog, Blue Besos, is more personal in nature, realizing a dream of being the editor of my own magazine. Written in a fun, friendly tone, the reader benefits by learning about the latest offerings in cool restaurants, stylish boutiques and travel getaways. Bonus? I benefit by being searchable, and having an ever-generating showcase of new writing and reporting.