Travel Articles

Avenue Calgary

Tasked with discovering the inside scoop on this little-known Mexican village, I sleuthed with relish, reporting back on where to eat and stay, as well as what to see and do. Read the full story here. But be forewarned:  if you do, you'll want to go yourself.


Equitrekking is an international TV show and blog that celebrates equestrian adventure. I shared my week the Horse Capital of the World: Ocala, Florida. Read about a fun-filled week of polo, trail riding, BBQ's and beyond here.

​Vue Weekly

Edmonton's entertainment paper features a weekly experience in the Snow Zone. I've written several, which not only read well in the newspaper, they translate nicely to their website experience. Click here and here to see articles they've featured prominently online.

Ocala Where?

Ocala, Florida is horse heaven, but it manages to stay off the beaten path radar - despite being John Travolta's home base. I tracked down the best places to see, stay and play for yourself. Find the full story in Avenue Calgary here.

Polo Lady

Polo Lady is an international magazine aimed at women who play polo, featuring player profiles and lifestyle updates. I revealed the inside track on a polo destination in the southern United States, that features a school and weekly games for guests. Not to mention high thread-count linens. Full story here.